Antique Tools and Trades In Connecticut

Welcome to A.T.T.I.C. Antique Tools and Trades In Connecticut!

The purpose of ATTIC is to promote and increase knowledge and understanding of the tools of trades, agriculture, household economy and other pursuits and means of livelihood practiced by our American ancestors.

Members gather for at least two meetings a year (Spring and Fall) in Connecticut or surrounding states to swap tools, inspect historical/trade sites and watch demonstrations of various trades.

Toolchest, our newsletter, is published twice a year.

Please pardon our dust while we create this new website.

Check back often as we will be adding new information regularly.


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The Canton Historical Museum


Collins Axe Factory


We had a beautiful sunny day for our Fall meeting in Simsbury. The Simsbury Historical Society was our host, and many thanks to Joe Buda, Dennis Fallon, and Kevin Gray for giving us a tour of their impressive collection of historic buildings and exhibits. I'll let the photos speak for themselves, and a big thank you to Jeff Burks, tireless researcher and documenter of all things to do with old tools and traditional methods, for providing the photos.



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attic simsbury 2018 0028

attic simsbury 2018 0028

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attic simsbury 2018 0028

Welcome to Antique Tools and Trades in Connecticut (ATTIC), a club devoted to collecting, buying, selling,and trading old tools, as well as collecting and sharing knowledge of obsolete trades and crafts. Feel free to add to the conversation! If you would like to contribute, please email your post using our contact form.


John Delay photo
From Barry Doohan: Today (Aug. 28) received word that a great long time  friend and colleague John Delay has passed. Len Brace provided the sad news through Bill Petremont.
Sunday we at the ATTIC Board Meeting had an opportunity to think about John and his many contributions to  ATTIC and I am sure we all lost a true long term friend and a GREAT GUY to us all. We sent out a "thinking of you" card and I hope that it is viewed by son Kyle and family as a sign that we all cared deeply about John.
A funeral service for John will be held on Saturday September 8th at 10:00am.
Saint George Church   33 Whitfield Street    Guilford, CT